Having a great time racing in the April Isolation F3 Championship. It’s a first for me racing in a single seater championship on a sim; and I’m loving it!


We’ve completed three races so far and I have finished 16th, 19th and 20th out of a grid of up to 58 International drivers. It was great close racing and the graphics are extremely realistic! I’m having fun learning a new driving style enabling me to be quick on a simulator.


Loving my car graphics designed by mr_xp16 at www.fiverr.com/mr_xp16/create-iracing-liveries-aka-paint-jobs-for-you.


A huge thanks to WH Sports, Enzo Mucci, e Racing Leagues and Apex Racing TV for making it all possible. 


The next races are:


Road America 23rd April

Road Atlanta 28th April


You can stream it live on Apex Racing TV.

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